Drew Shapiro grew up within the jewelry business. After attending Fordham University he decided to go into the family jewelry business. Working after school, learning to be a bench jeweler and all facets of jewelry manufacturing and design.

This business took him all over the world, and inevitably Drew started to appear on television, selling his jewelry. He has appeared in Japan, England, Australia, Canada and in the United States.

After much soul searching Drew left his former company and started Chelsea Taylor in 2007. Within two years Chelsea Taylor brand was a worldwide phenomenon. The brand was worn by celebrities, and appeared on CNN Money, CBS Morning News, Good Morning America , and was even written up in the Wall Street Journal. Drew’s love for jewelry design has spilled over into other categories, and he has designed sunglasses and handbags. His newest venture is Memory Bracelets. Drew has always designed women’s jewelry, but Memory Bracelets has given him the ability to have his jewelry worn by not just women but for children and men.