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What Is The Chelsea Taylor Brand?

 Chelsea Taylor, the jewelry known for its captivating colors and sets that are deemed to shape a mood with their radiant, luminous hues, introduces a color driven line consisting of pieces adorned with endless genuine colors of Swarovski crystals and silhouettes. Chelsea Taylor founder and designer, Drew Shapiro, aspired to create a line stemming from his everyday inspirations of travels and journeys, contemporary art and sculptures in passing. The line is designed with three women in mind-the jewelry collector, the fashion forward female, and the woman who loves and wears color. Each piece is available in 19+ color ways and can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered. Now in its twelfth year, Chelsea Taylor continues to flourish within the industry as women who tout the fabulous pieces, have come to realize that each color tells something about the wearer. It is for this reason that women all over the world collect different styles in different colors to match their particular feeling of the day. Fast forward to three new brands within the Chelsea Taylor banner. Memory Bracelets by Chelsea Taylor: Inscription and Slogan bracelets that are worn stacked to show the world an individual’s personality. Spirit by Chelsea Taylor: Crystal Collegiate and Pro Color Inspired Jewelry. Personal Ized by Chelsea Taylor: A Sterling Silver Name & Word Jewelry Collection. Jordys Gems Jewelry with a message told with genuine semi-precious beads and stainless steel. Now introducing the Jax Ryan Jewelry Brand, interchangeability at its best!

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